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In 2004, Joe Sofranko won the National Shakespeare Competition at Lincoln Center out of over 16,000 competitors from across the country.  In 2005, Joe met Lili Fuller doing a theatre competition in Miami called YoungArts. Half a year later, Joe and Lili met Adam North walking to a party near USC. Four years and a few college degrees later, they teamed up to create COMPLETE WORKS.  Only three years, several emotional breakdowns, and many credit cards after that, they finished the show and lived happily ever after. 

Sorta. They are still working hard and having emotional breakdowns. Only now, they at least have something to show for it. Oh and their production company is called Kingdom For A Horse Productions btw. 

ADAM NORTH - Exec. Producer / Writer/ Director

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Favorite Shakespeare Play: The Tempest

Favorite Shakespearean Word: Forsooth

Favorite Crafty Snack: good old American carrots

Secret Cameo Moments: can you spot me in ep. 1 and ep. 5?

Most hilarious on-set moment: Joe's winding up to give his most heartfelt Joe-ness in a scene at the end of the competition, and he's got his saddest eyes going, and he opens his mouth to speak only to be cut off by the "bawk!" of a resident peacock.

What do you want to accomplish before you're thirty: I'd like to complete a feature-length web series that I write and shoot with lots of talented people. 

Favorite movies: The Shawshank Redemption, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Clueless (YOU LOVE IT TOO)



JOE SOFRANKO - Exec. Producer / Writer/ Director

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Favorite Shakespeare Play: Macbeth

Favorite Shakespearean Word: Zounds

Favorite crafty snack: there were snacks?

Worst production decision: filming at "thousand steps beach"

Favorite scene to direct: young Hal's 6th grade classroom

Unsung hero of the production: Gideon Rappaport - our go-to Shakespeare dramaturg who literally knows everything about every Shakespeare play. try him.

Most challenging moment to act: "Kate" monologue in episode 4. Because it's 3 minutes long, we re-wrote it on the morning of that shoot day, and we wanted to get it in one take. I specifically remember one take where I got about 2.5 minutes in and then forgot a line.


LILI FULLER -   Executive Producer    Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA   Favorite Shakespeare Play:  Romeo & Juliet   Favorite Shakespeare Word:  Happenstance   Favorite Crafty Snack:  Seaweed Snacks   Most Hilarious On-Set Moment:  When the wind knocked the giant silk over and Joe caught it mid take.   What I've learned from  Complete Works :  Believe in yourself and work as hard as you can. That's the only way to make dreams happen. Also, never shoot on a beach.   On Set Anthem:   Wide Awake  - Katy Perry - it kept us going during those late night shoots!   @lilsfullz

LILI FULLER - Exec. Producer

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Shakespeare Play: Romeo & Juliet

Favorite Shakespearean Word: Fie

Favorite Crafty Snack: Seaweed Snacks and coffee

Favorite Moment on Set: When the giant silk fell and Joe caught it mid take.

Favorite Meal on Set: the 1am breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon.

On Set Anthem: Wide Awake - Katy Perry  (it kept us going on those long night shoots!)

What I've learned from Complete Works: EVERYTHING. I literally learned what it takes to make a movie. CW taught me to keep going and work as hard as I can to make something a reality. I am real grateful to have had this experience and shared it with some amazing friends.

Favorite movies: Mean Girls, Singing in the Rain, Center Stage (#sorrynotsorry)